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Just a Breath Away

Just a Breath Away

Savannah chose to live. As much for herself as for those she loved. She made it to high school graduation and even though college is out of the question, she has big plans for the future, a future she can finally see. With a big move on the horizon for both her and Aryn, Savannah is ready for change.
But when Savannah’s whole world is upended and she’s left with more questions than answers, she must decide if life is worth living after all. With an inherited box of letters, a codependent rescue cat, and a bucket list in progress, Savannah embarks on a journey to confront her demons before it’s too late. And along the way, she makes a promise to herself: to learn how to breathe past the pain without needing the help of someone else.
Even if that means leaving people behind.

    Expected to ship by the end of April
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