A dark, paranormal romance novel coming June 15th 2021

A prophecy of death, a power unparalleled, and a fate she can't defy.

There is an age-old prophecy that foretells of a girl born from death itself. Devlin Raben is that girl, a witch born with death trailing her shadow. She has lived her entire life in the dark, feared by those outside the witch community as an omen meant to bring the world to its knees. She has always been a prisoner to fate and a prophecy she never chose to be part of. Now, she is hiding in plain sight, afraid of her power and the war she is destined to start. But can she truly defy fate when love and her freedom are also at stake?

Quietus Book Trailer

Praise for "This Mess You've Made."

Image by Landon Martin
"The author did a tremendous job telling the story from two protagonists - Aryn and Savannah - who strived to move on from tragic events to learn how to love again.
The author is technically gifted and insightful into the fragile minds of teenagers. A beautiful story."
-Gerald Yeung, author of "Kong boys"

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