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The land is dying and there's a witch on the hunt. For a home, for the truth, for retribution.

The Death Witch has always existed in the darkness, an urban legend born from an endless war, twisted magic, and a hunger for power. For 24 long years, Devlin Raben has lived in that darkness, too, with death trailing her shadow and a ruthless but nearly forgotten prophecy dictating her future.
After six years of silent freedom, Devlin is forced to confront a past littered with secrets, a present as deceptive as it is hopeful, and a future seething with uncertainties. The only chance she has at rewriting her future is to wield the power she's hidden for so long, a power that many want to abuse and even more have died for. But unleashing that magic plays right into Fate's hands, and Devlin risks not only her freedom, but her soul.
The prophecy yearns to be fulfilled and Fate is a fickle being, but even it can be persuaded.

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